Typically, renovating a kitchen in Philadelphia costs $20,000. At this price, homeowners with small to medium-sized kitchens get to have some of their kitchen fixtures replaced with newer materials or models, such as countertops, sinks, and cabinets.

For households that demand more space to accommodate more extensive needs, a kitchen at 225 - 250 sq. ft. is advisable. However, the size of the home's kitchen should depend on the lifestyle of the occupant/s. Suppose the homeowner lives alone and does not do much cooking; a small kitchen would suffice.

It is easier to fit an island in a medium to a large kitchen or a kitchen with a floor space of approximately 200 sq. ft. This is because the standard size for kitchen islands is 4 feet high and 2 feet wide.

For proper storage and organization, most design experts recommend that there should be at least one stacked drawer cabinet to add to a two-door cabinet. However, since kitchen sizes differ, it would be best to take measurements of the area instead. The size of the kitchen should determine how many cabinets it can accommodate.

Hardwood and other wood-looking floors are Philadelphian homeowners' most popular flooring choices. These include engineered hardwood, luxury vinyl floors with stone cores, and porcelain tiles with wood design.