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If you are planning a kitchen remodeling or designing a new home, trust Kitchen Design Philadelphia to help you plan your dream space. We follow all the essential steps before we begin building your ideal kitchen.

Here are some important points you will find in every Kitchen Design Philadelphia service.


Determining what function you want in the kitchen you serve is one aspect to consider when planning a new kitchen. Over the years, the kitchen is not only a place to cook, but it has also become more than that. It has become the center of the home as friends and family gather and spend most of the time together. Some people use the kitchen for other daily activities. You may want to put a dedicated space for a small table or tv. If you also utilize it for entertaining, try having an exclusive space for a beverage center where you store wine glasses, a wine fridge, or a coffee bar. Add more seating around an island or peninsula to have more room for entertaining and socializing.

Kitchen Remodel Philadelphia PA

The Work Triangle

In kitchen design and layout, we have what we call the work triangle. It is when we consider the flow of the kitchen space before finalizing a plan. With the work triangle scheme, we estimate the distance between a stove, sink, and refrigerator. Because once you have a working triangle, it will result in an efficient workflow as it lets you move with ease between these three most used areas. When you have an inefficient work triangle, you might find yourself running all over the kitchen to access these parts of your kitchen. Trust our designers to assist you with planning the most suitable clearances between your points based on your specific layout.


Some of the Kitchen Remodel Philadelphia clients looking to renovate their kitchen come to us and complain about the lack of storage for their kitchen space. Our builders can maximize the storage space even in the smallest kitchen by utilizing clever storage solutions. We can place some of your appliances with easy access. Another option is to construct an appliance garage with retracting doors or create a pantry with pull-out drawers to pull out its contents with ease. Take notes of what items you use more often and where to place them for convenience. We are ready to organize everything for you.


One of the simplest but sometimes overlooked in a design scheme is having the right amount of light in a kitchen. Kitchen Design Philadelphia will devise electrical layouts according to your kitchen plan. We recommend incorporating the three types of lighting. First is the General Lighting to light up the whole space. Next is the Task Lighting to illuminate areas for specific tasks. Lastly, there’s Accent Kitchen Lighting Philadelphia to highlight some of your kitchen products and materials.

Kitchen Design Philadelphia will also assist you in choosing the right appliances and high-quality materials your budget will allow. Contact us now and get the most amazing customer treatment from our courteous staff.

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