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With kitchens getting such heavy use and being so multi-functional, it is only necessary to invest in a solid lighting plan. To determine which types of lighting will work best for your Kitchen Remodel Philadelphia, you must have a clear idea of how you will use every inch of space. It is imperative to finalize your kitchen layout - such as the position of cabinets and kitchen appliances - before starting a kitchen lighting project. If you need help, Kitchen Lighting Philadelphia is eager with the process of creating the best kitchen lighting plan. Our team has done this before so many times and understands the importance of planning.

Kitchen Lighting Philadelphia

The three basic types of lighting that can be integrated into any kitchens are:

Ambient lighting, considered as the main source of light for overall illumination; 

Accent lighting as decorative fixtures; and

Task lighting to provide focused lighting for a specific task.

Try incorporating more layers into a space to make kitchen lighting more functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Kitchen Lighting Installation in Philadelphia

To know more about each type’s function, let’s dive deeper into what Kitchen Lighting Philadelphia has to offer.

Ambient Lighting

Amber lighting is vital when it comes to kitchen design because it provides overall illumination in a room. It gives the most light in your kitchen and gets turned on and off most frequently. Flush and semi-flush mount fixtures and recessed lighting are the common types of ambient lighting. Pendants and track lighting are designed to radiate lots of light. Because of its functionality, affordability, and ability to blend seamlessly into the ceiling, recessed lighting is a popular choice among Kitchen Lighting Philadelphia customers. We offer several kinds of recessed lighting categories made for different applications. One of them is the LED wafer recessed light. Our electricians will masterfully install these lighting fixtures in your kitchen.

Task Lighting

To have that focused illumination for your workspaces, island, and countertops, opt for task lighting. It increased ambient lighting by improving the lighting conditions in areas where you perform a specific task. A sample of the most useful type of task lighting in the kitchens are pendants over the island and under cabinet lighting. When you plan how to incorporate task lighting, think of the functions you will be doing and how you will be using each area of your kitchen. If you need direct lighting for food preparation on the counter or illumination on your dining set and cabinets, it is best to think through where you will need them the most.

Kitchen Remodel Philadelphia PA

Affordable Kitchen Lighting Philadelphia

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is used if you want to draw attention to architectural designs and other interests worth showing in the kitchen, such as artwork, shelves, and objects. However, accent lighting is not just a functional kitchen accessory, it also has its specific purpose. When you don’t need overall illumination and you just want a relaxed kitchen atmosphere, turn on the accent light to achieve that effect. Try sconces and pendants for a more gorgeous accent lighting.

When you need more help to evaluate your kitchen needs and priorities, trust Kitchen Lighting Philadelphia to deliver the best kitchen lighting designs and plans.

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