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Kitchen Remodel Philadelphia PA - Upscale Kitchens at Low Prices

Achieving an upscale kitchen may sound intimidating. But, with the help of the creative minds of experts at Kitchen Remodel Philadelphia, it is possible even with a limited budget. Every family deserves to enjoy a beautifully designed yet functional kitchen. For this, apart from our creativity, we offer many cost-saving and cost-effective solutions. Here are ways homeowners can save from our services:

Free Initial Consultation: We do not charge potential clients during their initial 30-minute meeting with one of our in-house kitchen designers. Their professional advice comes at no cost and no obligation. Now, potential clients also do not have to leave their homes for their initial consultation. We also offer Online Initial Consultations Kitchen Remodeling Costs Philadelphia PA!

A World of Selections: We offer a world of curated selections where clients. This way, clients can definitely find something that suits their style and meet their budget.

Buying Power: Through being in the kitchen remodeling business for a long time, we have made solid working relationships with several local suppliers. This means our clients can enjoy amazing discounts for materials bought in bulk or large volumes.

Client Control: Our experts provide professional guidance and recommendations; however, the final decision is always with the client. And we respect that!

Knowing What You Need to Have Remodeled

The kitchen has become more than just the house’s dedicated space for preparing meals. Kitchens now function as the family’s hub and entertaining area. This upgrade in function warrants specific kitchen updates. However, many homeowners continue to put off plans to renovate their kitchens because they are “too expensive.” Our experts at Kitchen Remodel Philadelphia beg to differ. Kitchen remodeling does not have to cost a fortune because it can be done in phases or varying degrees. What this means is simple: homeowners have complete control over what they want to be remodeled in their kitchen.

There are a lot of elements in the kitchen - storage, layout, lighting, flooring, countertops, etc. Depending on their current condition, each can be refreshed through a remodel at varying points in time, not necessarily simultaneously. To identify which kitchen element requires an upgrade, homeowners must inventory each element and determine how it affects the space’s efficiency. Unlike other areas in the home where remodels can be purely for aesthetic purposes, kitchen remodeling is necessary to enhance its functionality. As times change, so does a family’s lifestyle. Kitchens or some of their elements have to be remodeled at some point to accommodate all these developments.

What We Do


We safely and efficiently install all kitchen elements, including cabinets, countertops, islands, fixtures, flooring, lighting, and equipment.

Kitchen Installation Philadelphia PA
Kitchen Lighting Philadelphia PA


We make working in the kitchen a pleasurable experience by designing a lighting layout and installing lighting fixtures in specific areas.


We provide professional wall or cabinet painting or staining services that instantly transform the look and feel of kitchens.

Kitchen Paint Philadelphia PA
Kitchen Cabinets Philadelphia PA


We design and build beautifully crafted kitchen cabinets using client-selected and locally sourced materials and hardware.


We offer a selection of highly-efficient kitchen equipment that can be pre-ordered from our network of suppliers.

Kitchen Equipment Philadelphia PA
Kitchen Supplies Philadelphia PA


To complete the kitchen remodel, our experts guide clients in selecting and purchasing materials and products that reflect their style and personality.


Our in-house designers plan a kitchen design and layout tailored to suit a family’s lifestyle and go harmoniously well with the home’s overall decor.

Kitchen Design Philadelphia PA

Our Kitchen Remodeling Process

At Kitchen Remodel Philadelphia PA, we follow a four-step plan.

1. Design Conception: You and our in-house kitchen designer will discuss your reasons for wanting a kitchen remodel, your goals, preferences, and lifestyle. The more information you provide, the better our designer can personalize the designs and plans for your project.

2. On-Site Visit: During this pre-scheduled on-site visit, your kitchen designer will assess your kitchen’s conditions. Your designer will also take the necessary measurements and some photos of your kitchen to serve as references for creating design proposals.

3. Selection Process: Once you have chosen and approved the final design, you will be shown designer-curated materials, products, and fixtures that match your needs and budget. The materials and products you selected will then be procured.

4. Remodeling: By the time all the materials and products are ready, the remodeling process will begin. Your designer will be present throughout the remodeling process to ensure that the plans are coming along as discussed and to answer your questions when you have some.

Ready to remodel with Kitchen Remodel Philadelphia?

When you have already identified which element in your kitchen needs an upgrade, contact (267)-361-0402 to schedule your initial consultation with one of our designers!

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Why Choose Kitchen Remodel Philadelphia

Kitchen Design

Our in-house interior designers design kitchens with style and functionality in mind to create a space that everyone would love and enjoy.

Affordable Kitchen Remodeling

No matter the size of the budget, our kitchen remodelers offer the best possible options and solutions that match it.

Efficient Services

Because we value our clients and their time, we make sure that we work efficiently and effectively the first time.

Professional Team

Our team comprises individuals that are awarded licenses and certifications. Our combined experience in the kitchen remodeling business spans decades.

Emergency Services

In emergencies involving faulty kitchen equipment, leaks, and others, we have technicians ready to assist.

Customized Kitchen

Our approach is client-centered. From layouts, designs, and materials, the kitchens we remodel are a reflection of our clients.

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Client Image - Kitchen Remodel Philadelphia PA
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